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Madison County - Granite City

Update as of 6/14/2021

The Granite City Township Supervisor's Office is changing it's summer hours to 8:00-4:00 Monday through Thursday and until 3:15 on Fridays. At this time our buses are still running for the seniors as well as still going to Walmart and Aldi's. We are currently not going to St. Clare Square Mall, however if you are interested in going to the mall please call our office and we will schedule a trip once we have adequate riders.

The senior hall does open at 8:30am for coffee and donuts. There is no longer a  limit to our hall, face masks and social distancing will be encouraged but not required.. If you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID19, please be considerate to others and don't participate in our activities.

We currently have Bingo on Thursdays at 12:00pm and Pinochle Club does meet twice a week on Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am. As soon as more activities become available I will update this space and the Facebook page.

We are excited to see our seniors back in the building but please be patient with us as this is a new experience for everyone.

With the opening of full capacity in our hall, we were hoping to return to renting out the hall but with some projects that haven't been completed, we will be holding off on taking reservations for hall rentals at this time. 

The Granite City Township Office is located at 2060 Delmar, Suite A, Granite City, IL 62040.
Bus Services for Granite City Township residents age 55 and older (M-F, 8:00am-3:00pm). Please call 618-877-8584 for more information.
Lunch is served Monday - Friday at 11:00am, 60 years of age or older suggested donation of $3.00 and under 60 suggested donation of $5.00 please call 618-877-4373 for more information.
Coffee and Donuts are served Monday - Friday at 8:30am for Granite City Township residents age 55+.
Pinochle Club meets at the Granite City Township Hall every Tuesday starting at 12:00 with the cost of $0.50 per person.
Senior line dancing is every Tuesday and Thursday in the Township Hall starting at 9:00am.
Senior Bingo is held at the Township Hall every Thursday starting at 12:15pm.

For information about:
AARP please call 877-1215.
Senior Social Club please call 877-1215
Hearing Impaired Phone, please call 877-0513
Emergency Disaster Database, please call 877-0513

Hall rental information: There is a $100.00 deposit for all hall rentals. The rates per hour vary please contact the office to find out more about our hall rental hour pricing. 
These hours will include your set up and clean up time. There is no alcohol allowed in our facility. Deposits must be paid in order to have your date reserved and the rental fees must be paid three weeks prior to your event. All costs must be paid in CASH only. Please call 618-877-0513 to get more information about about our hall rentals.