Community Room

                                   HARRISTOWN TOWNSHIP 

                                   COMMUNITY ROOM

                                    195 N. Meridian

This is a large room, about 30 X 40 ft., with bathrooms and a kitchen area with refrigerator, stove small counter space and sink.  We have 8 banquet tables, 2 smaller tables, and about 50 folding chairs.  This room will accomodate about 50 people.  Of course it is air conditioned and heated.

Our intention is to provide use of this room for the residents of Harristown Township and their guests for family gatherings (dinners, birthday parties, baby showers, etc.)  NO money making activities.  You MUST be a resident of Harristown Township to reserve this room.  You should find the room clean and you need to leave it that way.  A sweeper and brooms and cleaning supplies are in the furnace room.

To reserve, call 217-963-2579 (leave message) or call Supervisor Maurice Doyle at 217-963-2415.  On the day of your event you may pick up the key to the building at my residence, 5205 W. Main St.  The key is available in a slot under my mailbox.  The mailbox is located up the driveway near the house.  When you are finished, please return the key THAT DAY as someone may be using the building the next day.  Charges to use the building is $25.00.  Leave the money in the slot in the office door.  Make checks payable to Harristown Township.  This building belongs to all of us.  We are trying to keep th use rate affordable for everyone.  Please do your part.