Atlanta Township

301 S. W. Arch Street, P O Box 311, Atlanta, IL 61723
(217)648-2198 | |

Board Members

The Township Board consists of a Supervisor, who serves as chairman and four Trustees who make decisions and determine actions taken.

Supervisor - Julie Osborn - 309-275-7084 - Cell

Trustee - Becky Brandt - 309-825-2263 - Cell

Trustee - Georgia Green - 309-261-0829 - Cell 

Trustee - Charles Van Hoorn - 309-678-2711

Trustee - Amy Wertheim - 309-830-4361 - Cell 

The Township Clerk is the clerk for the board, the ex-officio clerk for the road commissioner and is the official custodian of the township records. 

Town Clerk - Shellie Reed - 505-450-2515 - Cell

The road commissioner maintains the right-of-way for 33 miles of roadways in Atlanta Township, with the responsibility for asphalt patching and re-surfacing, drainage gravel shouldering, winter snow and ice removal. 

Road Commissioner - Wesley H. Green - 217-306-2833- Cell

The multi-township assessor is certified by the Illinois Department of Revenue to appraise property and place value on it using formulas set by the Illinois Department of Revenue for the basis of property taxes. 

Multi-Township Assessor - Kassi Compton - 309-660-5323 - Cell

The township supervisor prepares the town levy and the road commissioner prepares the road and bridge levy. The township board adopts the levies and the budget and appropriation ordinances for the township and the road and bridge funds.