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2300 1975th Avenue, Atlanta, IL 61723

The Atlanta Cemetery was established in 1855.  The first body to be buried was that of George Washington Gill.  The Ladies' Cemetery Association of Atlanta was organized January 5, 1900.  At that time the City of Atlanta deeded the cemetery to the association.  The purpose of the association was to take charge of the management and care of the cemetery.  In January 2017 the Atlanta Township acquired the Atlanta Cemetery and it's assets.  The cemetery has an Advisory Board which has three members including a Cemetery Manager. 

The purpose of the Atlanta Township Cemetery Advisory Board (C.A.B.) is to assist with the planning, growth, and operation of any cemeteries managed by the township by advising the Township Board concerning the proper operation, maintenance and restoration. They also recommend to the Township Board a cemetery ordinance to include rules and regulations such as hours of cemetery operation for visitors, holiday/memorial decoration guidelines, and fees for sales of burial spaces.

The Atlanta Cemetery is an active cemetery, open to all denominations.  Burial spaces are available. 

For more information regarding the cemetery or to inquire about purchasing a space, please contact Shelly Brooks at (217)369-8532.

State of Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act now requires interments from December 2010 and forward to be recorded on the State's Interment site.

Please see the Atlanta Cemetery Burial List and the maps of the cemetery to assist in locating specific gravesites.  If you require assistance, please contact the Cemetery Manager Shelly Brooks at 217-648-2992. Many burials have been documented at Enter Atlanta Cemetery, in Illinois, then scroll down to Atlanta in Logan County. This is an independent site. The Atlanta Township Cemetery Advisory Board have not contributed nor are responsible for any of the information on the website. 

Atlanta Cemetery Burial List

Atlanta Cemetery Map

North Section Map - includes sections E, G, K, L, NM and O

Middle Section Map - includes sections A, B, F, H, I, M, N and P 

South Section Map - includes sections C, D, J, 74A and SM