Long Point Township

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Long Point Cemetery

Long Point Cemetery

Long Point Cemetery is located on the east edge of Long Point, IL.

Long Point Cemetery Trustees:

President: Jerry Gaspardo

Secretary: Mary Loudon

Treasurer: Deb Beutke

To purchase plots, contact Mary Loudon at 815 854 2697. She can also assist you in locating gravesites in the cemetery. State of Illinois requires that trustees record in the state's data base information about all burials since July 1, 2012. Before any interments take place, please contact Mary Loudon at the number above.

The blocks with available lots are located on the north side of the cemetery.  The four rows of Blocks 12, 13, and 14 are split by the northern most east-west road. Pictures of the blocks are located under the rules listed below. There is a limited number available in the east half of Block 11, which is adjacent to Block 12 to the south.

Effective July 1, 2015, individual grave sites will be $150. A $50 location/burial fee is applicable for all burials.

The board has also created cemetery guidelines. They will be enforced beginning July 1, 2016. Information about them was included  in the annual letter sent out by the Long Point Township Board.

Long Point Cemetery Rules

Rules and Regulations

1. No one is allowed on cemetery grounds dusk to dawn.
2. Shepherd hooks will be permitted IF they are placed flush with base of headstone and basket hangs over the headstone.
3. Saddles & permanent arrangements must be on the monument or monument base.
4. No rock, fencing, poles, glass containers, stepping stones, or ground ornaments allowed on grave sites.
5. Long Point Cemetery reserves the right to remove any decorations that are dead, broken, unsightly, or interfere with mowing.
6. No permanent plantings allowed without written consent of cemetery board.
7. Placement of headstones and/or other memorials such as benches, urns, etc. must be board approved.
8. On April 1-15 and November 1-15, a cleanup period will take place. Please refrain from placing new decorations during this time.
9. Long Point Cemetery is not responsible for broken, lost, or stolen items.
10. Trustees must be contacted before any interments.

(Special variances may be requested)

 Rules adopted April 12, 2016

Maps showing unsold lots are subject to change.

Block 11

Block 12

Block 13

Block 14

Layout of Long Point Cemetery