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Township Services

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Township Government is described as the unit of government that is closest to the people. Township Government survives and thrives today as the oldest existing form of government. It is the only form of government where Township residents vote on action items.  The Annual meeting is held the 2nd Tuesday in April at 7:00 p.m. to provide for maximum public participation.   Each Township provides services unique to their community, but share the same main functions. 

The three main functions of Illinois Township Government are:

  • Administering the General Assistance Program

  • Assessing Properties

  • Maintaining Roads and Bridges

The Township Supervisor  helps formulate township policies and supervise their enactment. The Supervisor participates in the development and approval of the township budget as well as the hiring of municipal employees. As a member of the township board, the Supervisor will cast a vote on community issues.

The Township Clerk  is an elected official.  Some of the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk are defined by state statute, and include: Maintaining custody of all township records.   Recording and maintaining township meeting minutes and coordinating election details.

The Township Assessor is responsible for the mass appraisal of all taxable property within the Township and assists residents with property tax exemptions.

The Highway Commissioner   is responsible for the construction and maintenance of those roads and bridges. 53% of Illinois roads are under the jurisdiction of Townships. A township road district is, in many aspects, a separate government. Neither the township board of trustees nor the township supervisor has any jurisdiction, or authority, over the highway commissioner and/or employees of the road district. The employees of the road district are subject to the directions and requirements set forth by the highway commissioner, not the township board. However, it has been demonstrated clearly that where the highway commissioner, the supervisor, the clerk and the township board work in harmony, the taxpayer usually benefits.

Four Township Trustees serve as the board representing the interests of Township residents.  


 Notary Public:  Our Township Supervisor, David Myer and the Township Clerk Joyce Bailey  are both  notaries and will be glad to notarize papers FREE of charge for Rutland Township residents.

Freedom of Information Act:  Requests for inspection or copies of public records may be made in writing and directed to a  Rutland Township Freedom of Information Act officers,  David Myer or Joyce Bailey.