Northville Township

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Northville Township Assessor - Hal Ament

The Township Assessor appraises property and places value on it according to the formulas set by the Illinois Department of Revenue. It is from taxes levied according to these property values as appraised by the Township Assessor that all units of local governments receive their income. The Assessor is one of the three elected officials that make up the Township Board of Health.

The Senior Homestead Exemption renewal forms are sent to all the qualified Seniors that filed last year for the exemption. To qualify for this exemption you must be 65, or older and have owned the property as of January 1 of the current year as your primary residence, with certain exceptions for people that may have taken up residence at a nursing home and the property remained vacant, or a spouse who is 65 years or older resided there. Also, you are allowed to receive the exemption on only 1 property. If you have another home and are claiming the exemption for that property, you cannot claim it for any other. The exemption lowers the assessed value of your property by $5,000.00.
Also, included in the package Seniors will receive are the application forms for the Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze. To qualify for this you must be 65 or older and your entire household income (including all residents, children, other family members, tenants etc.) must be less than $65,000.00. If your income falls between $55,000.00 - $65,000.00, or you showed a loss on the PTAX-340 form, you must submit your tax return for year you are filing for with the application. If you qualify for this exemption, it will freeze your assessment only, not your taxes. In recent years, due to the downward trend in real estate values, you will notice that an equalization factor has been applied to all assessments, which has lowered them, in most cases, across the board. If your assessment is frozen, it can float down from the base freeze amount; however it cannot rise above it as long as you stay qualified. The assessment freeze application requires a notarized signature.
Once you have filled out the forms, return them to the township office and we will process them from there.
If you have, or will, turn 65 during the current calendar year and meet the criteria listed above, you should apply for the Senior Exemption with the County’s Assessor’s office for your first time. All initial applications must be submitted to the County. It requires proof of ownership and a photo ID for proof of age. You can contact them at 815-434-8233. Once you have registered with the County Assessor, you will receive renewal forms yearly from the Township Assessor to maintain your exemption.

It is also prudent, for all residents whom occupy their home as a principle place of residence, to check the status their homestead exemption.  This exemption is not dependent on age but simply the condition that the homeowner occupies the home as their principle place of residence. This exemption provides a $6,000 reduction to the assessed valuation. If you are entitled to this exemption and are currently not receiving it, please make an application to the LaSalle County Assessor's Office.