Northville Township

2689 N 45th Rd, , Sandwich, Illinois 60548
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Township Board and Trustee Information

Current Trustees - James Byrne, Joe Emma, Jerry Owens and James Swanson

May 15 - James Byrne, Joe Emma, Richard Felstead and Jerry Owens

Township Board
The Board consists of the Supervisor, who serves as the Chairman and four Trustees that were elected. The Township Clerk is the Clerk for the Board and he/she does not vote, except in a tie to fill a vacancy in a township office.


The Trustees adopt the town and road budget and appropriation ordinances. The Trustees prepare and adopt the town levy. The Road Commissioner prepares the road levy and the trustees adopt the road levy. The Northville Township Board is also the Board for the Township Cemeteries. Lett Cemetery, Bernard Cemetery and Pine Mound Cemetery are the 3 Cemeteries that the Northville Township Board serving as the Cemetery Board oversees.