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UTV Ordinance

Fall River Township Non-Highway Vehicles Ordinance

ORD.17, 09, 09 13-2017

This ordinance is adopted in the interest of public safety.

All-terrain vehicles, golf carts, and off highway motorcycles ,hereinafter "non-highway vehicles or ORV", as defined in the Illinois vehicle code, are not designed or manufactured to be used on public streets and roadways or highways, hereinafter "roads", and the township does not advocate or endorse their operation on township roads. The Township by regulating such operation, is merely addressing public safety issues. The township road district has considered the volume, speed, and character of traffic on township roadways and has determined that non-highway vehicles may safely travel on township roads or may cross county roadways and that public safety will not be jeopardized by the operation of non-highway vehicles.

This ordinance is not to be relied upon by any individual as a determination that operation of non-highway vehicles on township roads is safe or advisable even if done in accordance with this ordinance. All persons operating non-highway vehicles must be observant of, and attentive to, the safety of themselves and others, including their passengers, other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. All persons who operate or ride non-highway vehicles on roads inside the township do so at their own risk and peril.

The township disavows any liability for permitting non-highway vehicles to be operated on township roads.

It shall be lawful to operate an off road vehicle or golf cart on township roads subject to the requirements and regulations of this ordinance, except that it shall be unlawful to operate on county roads or highways that are within the township, other than to cross while traveling on a township road non-county road (Ord.17, 09  09 13-2017).




No person shall operate, and no owner shall permit another person to operate an ORV on townships roads unless:

  1. The ORV is covered by a liability insurance policy as required by section 7-601 of the Illinois vehicle code.
  2. The operator of the ORV carries with him/her proof of liability insurance as required by section 7- 602 of the Illinois vehicle code2. (Ord. 17,09,0913-2017







  1. The permit of an operator of an ORV issued may be revoked by the road commissioner or his designee if:
  2. There is any material misrepresentation made by the applicant on the application; or
  3. The required liability insurance is no longer in full force and effect; or
  4. There is evidence that the license holder; or its other drivers are not safely operating the ORV.
  5. B. The road commissioner, or his designee, shall issue a notice of revocation of a permit in writing and either hand deliver the notice to the permit holder, or send the notice by certified mail to the permit holder at the address on the application. The revocation of the permit shall be effective immediately after personal service, or on the third day after the postmark of the certified mail receipt. (Ord. 17,09,0913-22017)



Any ORV to be operated on a Township road shall have the following equipment in good working condition at all times:

  1. Brakes.
  2. Steering apparatus.
  3. Tires.
  4. A rearview mirror.
  5. A headlight that emits white light visible from at least five hundred feet (500') to the front.
  6. A tail lamp that emits red light visible from at least one hundred feet (100') from the rear.
  7. Brake lights on the rear.
  8. Slow moving Triangle installed on the rear of the vehicle visible from at least (100 ft)


Any such vehicles operated on townships roads shall have the headlights and taillights on at all times. (Ord.17, 09  09--13-2017)


No person shall operate such vehicle on township roads unless the operator has a valid Illinois driver's license and are 18 years of age or older. (Ord.17, 09 09--13-2017).





All ORV must abide by posted MPH signage within the township AND OR may not operate an ORV on township roads in excess of thirty (30) miles per hour.

All ORV (vehicles) shall yield or move over for faster state licensed vehicles.



No person shall operate an ORV on any township road unless the ORV has been issued a license/permit by the township. A person desiring a license/permit shall make application to the township road commissioner, or his designee, on forms provided by the township. Permits are issued annually. Prior to the issuance of the permit, a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) shall be paid to the township designee by the applicant and the applicant shall present the ORV to the road commissioner, or his designee, for an inspection to determine whether the vehicle may be operated on township roads. If the applicant and ORV are qualified a township permit shall be issued to the applicant. (Ord.17, 09 09--13-2017).



1805 N 25th RD

Ottawa, IL 61350




     1 .Name of Applicant:_____________________________________________________________________


  1. Address of Applicant: ___________________________________________________________________


  1. Is the Applicant the Owner of this Vehicle?_______Yes_______No(check one)


  1. Date of Birth of the Applicant:___________________________________________________________


  1. Does the Main Applicant have a valid Illinois driver’s license?________Yes______No


(b)Driver’s License Number: ____________________________________________________________  (c) List names & license number of all legally licensed drivers that may operate the ORV:_______________________________________________________________________________






  1. Does the applicant have liability insurance on the vehicle?_______Yes__________No

            (b) Policy Number and Name, address and phone number of insurance company:






Applicant is to include with the application a check in the amount of $10.00 made out to Fall River Township Road District as the yearly permit fee per vehicle;  in addition, a photo copy of your insurance card.

I, the Applicant have read, received and understand the ordinance as presented and received.

I, the Applicant release the Township of any liability for permitting my non-highway vehicle to be operated on a township road.

I furthermore understand that I am responsible for any licensed driver of my ORV that is registered with the township.   I also understand that each ORV requires its own permit.

Dated this________day of _____________________________20_____









DATE OF APPROVAL OF ORV:__________________________________________________________________

PERMIT NUMBER:___________________________________________________________________________