Bruce Township

216 N. Sterling St, , Streator, Illinois 61364
815-672-2532 | |

Township Services

Bruce Township Hall Rental:

  • Maximum Capacity: 100 people
  • Amenities:
    • AC
    • Refrigerator
    • Microwave Oven (Note: there is no Range)
    • Handicapped Accessible Restrooms including Baby Changing Table
    • Up to 30 Parking Spaces available (includes Parking Lot across the street)

Process for Renting Hall

1.     Contact Spring Simmons for availability at 815-672-2532, Monday - Friday (except holidays) 8:00am - 12:00pm

2.     Come to office to sign a Contract and pay the $150.00 CASH Security Deposit for a 12 hour rental time .

3.     Pick up key to the hall no more than 2 working days before the rental date, during normal business hours, and pay the $100.00 Non-refundable  CASH Hall Rental Fee.

4.   After the rental of the hall,  $75 of the deposit will be returned if the hall is left in good condition and the key is returned the next business day after your rental

5.     See example of Contract below for details on rules and responsibilities associated with hall rental.

Example Contract:



Bruce Township and _______________ (Tenant) agree to the following conditions:

Phone number of Tenant ____________.

The Tenant may use the Bruce Township Hall, 214 N. Sterling St., Streator, IL, beginning at 12:01 AM on_____________, 20­­­­___ for the purpose of _______________________. In the event of a cancellation 21 days notice must be given or the Security Deposit will be forfeited. 

                                   NO EARLY ADMITTANCE ALLOWED

The fee for the use of the premises shall be $100 cash payable when the Key for Hall is acquired. The key shall be returned within two working days after the date of the rental. (Office hours are Mon-Fri 8-12.)

A deposit of $150 cash to secure the hall shall be made on the date of this agreement and $75 shall be refunded when the key is returned and the hall is left in good condition.

The Tenant shall use the premises only for the purpose stated and keep the premises clean.   No pins or tape shall be put on the wall and nothing shall be hung from the ceiling.

The Tenant shall vacate the premises before midnight on the date specified.

The Tenant shall comply with all applicable state, county and township ordinances and regulations.

The Tenant and/or guests of the Tenant shall not damage, deface or destroy the premises. If any such damage shall occur by any act or negligence of the Tenant and/or guests of the Tenant, the Tenant shall pay to Bruce Township, on demand, such sum as may be necessary to repair the premises, together with all expenses of collection.

The Tenant agrees to refrain from trespassing on the land of the surrounding property owners.        

No alcoholic beverages or smoking is allowed in the Township premises.