Seward Township

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Kendall County - Seward Township

Welcome to the Seward Township Website!  It's construction is ongoing, so be sure to check back for more content and helpful information.

Seward Township occupies the 6 mile square in southeast corner of Kendall County, Illinois. The township has a total area of 35.11 square miles, of which 34.97 square miles is land and 0.14 square miles is water.  It contains portions of Minooka and JolietU.S. Route 52 crosses the township east to west, and I-80 runs along the southern boundary of the township.

Franklin was the original name of Seward Township. On November 14, 1850, the name changed to Seward, after William H. Seward, who served as governor of New York State and as a U.S. Senator from New York as well as Secretary of State in the Lincoln Administration.

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