Kendall Township

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Township Assessor

Your Township Assessor is Cathy Scalise

 Contact Information:

(630) 553-6525  extension #3


 2022 Assessments have been mailed out.

If you have any questions or believe that there may be an error with your assessment, please call our office.

Assessment Publication as well as appeal forms can be found at:

Assessments are also published in the Kendall County Record Newspaper

The deadline for filing appeals is Oct. 24, 2022

Important Links:

GIS Parcel viewer:

To locate property tax bills:

For information on your assessments and available exemptions:

2022 Residential Assessment Appeal Form:

2021 Commercial/Industrial Assessment Appeal Form:

For information regarding options for paying your tax bill, please visit:


Township assessors are responsible for valuing your property for tax purposes. They determine the fair market value of your home and use this information to calculate your assessment. Fair market value is the amount your home would likely sell for in a competitive, open market. This value is based on many factors, including your property characteristics, current sales of like homes in your area, and a sales ratio study that takes the three previous years’ sales into account. Generally, your assessment is determined by taking one-third of your market value and subtracting any exemptions that you may be entitled. Only your township assessor can tell you what factors went into your assessment. Assessors are also responsible for maintaining accurate property record cards for all properties within a township. The cards contain relevant information about your property like square footage, number of plumbing fixtures, year built, etc. You may contact your assessor’s office to view your card. You can also find property record information on the Kendall County Website.


What steps should I take to resolve an issue with my assessment?

 Step 1: Contact your local township assessor. Many times, simply talking with your assessor can lead to a resolution or understanding about your assessment. You can contact our office by calling (630) 553-6525 or by emailing us at You can also find this information on the Kendall Township website, Kendall County website or on your tax bill.

 Step 2: Check that the property characteristics are correct on your property record card. We can help you with this when speaking with you.

Step 3: Compare your assessment to assessments and sales of like homes in your neighborhood. You can view your neighbors’ assessment values on Kendall County Website

 When should I contact my assessor?

As soon as you suspect your assessment might be incorrect. Assessments are published in early to mid- September, and you have thirty days after the publication date to formally appeal your assessment. Our office is very busy just before the deadline to appeal, so the sooner you contact us, the more time we will have to address your particular issue.

What if I can’t come to a resolution with my assessor?

If you cannot come to a resolution with your assessor, you can appeal your assessment to the Kendall County Board of Review. There is a period of 30 days once assessments are published, in which you can appeal your assessment. For more information about how to file an appeal, timeframe for when the appeal process opens or to download appeal forms, visit the Kendall County website under Assessments*