Kendall Township

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Kendall Township

Welcome to the Kendall Township Website!  It's construction is ongoing, so be sure to check back shortly for more content and helpful information.

2023 Assessments anticipated publishing date is Sept 21, 2023 

If you have any questions or believe that there may be an error in your assessment, please call our office.

The deadline for filing appeals will be Monday, October 23, 2023

Links will be provided on our page once they become available

Note 2023 Tax Bills have been mailed out. 

As we are working on the 2023 Assessment Cycle, our office would like to make you aware of the fact that we are actively out in the community in attempt to verify property characteristics.

Please know that this is not in effort to increase tax bills but an attempt to ensure accuracy of our data.

Our office welcomes any questions or concerns that you may have. Please call us if you would like to discuss any details regarding your property.

If your neighborhood has an HOA, we would love to hear from you!

Please reach out to inform us of a contact person and we will do our best to communicate when we will be in your neighborhood.

Please go to Assessor Page for more information!!!  

Please click here to see the information for the new Mental Health Crisis Hotline.  This is a new initiative launched July 2022.  Please go to our "Professional Resources" Tab or check out the link to the news article to learn more.

Here is a link to a recent WSPY report about Kendall County 211

Click on our Helpful Items page on the right hand side of our menu to learn more about 211 and other important tips.

Got a question, call 211

Organizational Chart of Elected Officials

Supervisor- Steve Gengler

Highway Commissioner - Doug Westphal

Assessor- Cathy Scalise

Trustees:   Don Hirsch

              Carolyn Pottinger

              Doug Thanepohn

              Zach Turnbow

Clerk- Steve Grebner

Contact phone number for the Township office:  (630) 553-6525

Ext #1 for Supervisor; Ext #2 for Highway Commissioner; Ext #3 for the Assessor

Here is a quick little history snippet of the history of Kendall Township:

Kendall Township was named after the county, which was named after Amos Kendall, a powerful Democratic politician in the Andrew Jackson administration. Kendall later became a business partner of Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the Morse Code and the electric telegraph, and made his fortune with Morse.  Yorkville's division amongst Bristol and Kendall Townships mirrors the fact that, until the 1950s, The City of Yorkville was situated along the south bank of the Fox River, while the Village of Bristol was situated to the north. When the communities consolidated to form the United City of Yorkville (16 Apr 1957), a small community in Bristol Township, named "Bristol Station", was allowed to become the new Bristol, Illinois (unincorporated).

Check out this link to read about the history of Kendall County from the earliest of settlers until the early 1900's

History of Kendall County

Check out our new Township Seal!  It tells a visual story of our history and our future! 

Kendall Township 3,403 4,645 7,748 8,532


 8,532 Population [2020] – Census

 101.2 km² Area

 84.31/km² Population Density [2020]

 +0.97% Annual Population Change [2010 → 2020]

Kendall County was one of only 4 counties in the state of Illinois that had a positive population change in 2020 census figures and Yorkville was one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state!!

 Kendall Township: township in Kendall County, Illinois – Elevation: 208 m

Here is an interesting link to a website that shows the evolution of the counties of IL over the past 200 Years:

Evolution of Illinois Counties