Kendall Township

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Kendall County - Kendall Township

Welcome to the Kendall Township Website!  It is presently under construction, be sure to check back shortly for more content and helpful information.

Here is a quick little history snippet of the history of Kendall Township:

Kendall Township was named after the county, which was named after Amos Kendall, a powerful Democratic politician in the Andrew Jackson administration. Kendall later became a business partner of Samuel F.B. Morse, inventor of the Morse Code and the electric telegraph, and made his fortune with Morse.  Yorkville's division amongst Bristol and Kendall Townships mirrors the fact that, until the 1950s, The City of Yorkville was situated along the south bank of the Fox River, while the Village of Bristol was situated to the north. When the communities consolidated to form the United City of Yorkville (16 Apr 1957), a small community in Bristol Township, named "Bristol Station", was allowed to become the new Bristol, Illinois (unincorporated).

Kendall Township 3,403 4,645 7,748 8,532


 8,532 Population [2020] – Census

 101.2 km² Area

 84.31/km² Population Density [2020]

 +0.97% Annual Population Change [2010 → 2020]

Kendall County was one of only 4 counties in the state of Illinois that had a positive population change in 2020 census figures and Yorkville was one of the fastest growing municipalities in the state!!

 Kendall Township: township in Kendall County, Illinois – Elevation: 208 m