Pomona Township

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Road Commissioner

The Road Commissioner is elected for a 4-year term after the Presidential election along with the Supervisor, Clerk and 4 Trustees, at large. The position is tasked with coordinating the maintenance, repair, and long-term projects of our 32 miles of roadway and 12 bridges including the ones referred to as "low water" bridges. The funding for these services is derived from the Township's share of the State of Illinois Motor Fuel Tax that we all contribute to when we buy gas or diesel and is based on the total number of miles of roads.

Among the many responsibilities, this person decides when the roads get plowed & salted, maintains road signage, keeps the right of way clear, pot hole patrol, removal of road obstructions, keeps the bridges safe. This person ensures that our residents are able to travel safely to their places of employment, medical appointments, family gatherings etc. as well as our visitors to our wineries, rock climbing, emergency vehicles can arrive without impediment when minutes count, or just taking in the natural beauty. 

If you have any questions/suggestions or wish to report a missing sign, collapsed or plugged culvert or just to thank our Road Commissioner for all he does, his contact information is:

Jon Womack 



The following is a map of our roads.