Pomona Township

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Jackson County - Pomona Township


3196 Sadler Rd.

Pomona, Illinois 62975 

Contact us at: info@Pomonatownship.org

Welcome to Pomona Township

The township form of government was established in 1636 in Providence, RI and is the oldest existing unit of government in the United States. There are 17,000 townships in the United States serving well over 8 million citizens with 1,420 in Illinois and 16 in Jackson County. Townships are funded by property taxes collected on properties within the township boundaries. Elected officials consist of Township Supervisor/Treasurer, Clerk, Assessor, Highway Commissioner and four trustees-all elected at-large in April following the Presidential Election and serve four-year terms. 

As the township form of government is at the most local level, all residents have direct input in the direction they want the township to progress at the state mandated annual Town Meeting held on the second Tuesday of each April at 6p.m. (at the Pomona Town Hall) in all 1,420 townships across Illinois. The fiscal year runs April 1-March 31. Additionally, the Pomona Township Board meets regularly throughout the year (as posted at the Town Hall) at 6p.m. in the Town Hall to fulfill their duties and perform the functions of the Township. Residents are encouraged to attend. 

By Illinois law, townships are charged with three basic functions:

     1.) General Assistance for qualifying residents-administered by the             Township Supervisor.

     2.) The Assessment of real property for the base of local taxation-             administered by the Tax Assessor in conjunction with the County             Superintendent of Assessor.

     3.) Maintenance of all roads and bridges outside federal, state and             other jurisdictions-administered by the Road Commissioner. 

Our township, named after the Greek Goddess of fruit, is fortunate to have some of the best areas for fishing with a public boat launch, hiking & rock climbing the Shawnee National Forest has to offer. Additionally, calling us home in our rolling and hilly terrain are 3 award winning wineries of the Shawnee Wine Trail. We're also fortunate to have numerous camping and bed & breakfast facilities as well as a nationally recognized company creating handcrafted garden art.