Makanda Township

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FOIA Request

Request by the public for Township documents and records are guided by the "Freedom of Information Act" (FOIA). Any request from the public to the Township for Township documents and records through FOIA must be made in writing.

A written FOIA request can either be handed directly to Supervisor Sara Lipe, sent by email or sent through regular mail. A suggested format is provided below. Emailed FOIA requests must be sent to all three recipients listed on the suggested FOIA form. A mailed FOIA request is to be sent to the address indicated on suggested FOIA form.

A written request for Township documents and records must specify as completely and thoroughly as possible the types of documents and records desired and, if applicable or known, the dates or time periods of those documents.

Also include appropriate contact information including name, mailing and email addresses, and phone number.

FOIA fillable PDF request form