Makanda Township

5420 Old US Highway 51, , Carbondale, IL 62903
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Makanda Township

Welcome to Makanda Township!

Township government in Illinois consists of assessing properties, maintaining Township roads and bridges, and providing general assistance for the indigent.  Additionally, Makanda Township provides fire protection, rescue and first responder services.  Electors choose a Township Supervisor, Clerk, Highway Commissioner, Tax Assessor and four trustees to serve a four-year term.  Elections are held every four years in April following the US Presidential Election. 

Township government is unique in that citizens can attend the Annual Town Meeting and vote on certain matters.  Residents are also encouraged to attend the Township Board's monthly meetings.  The Annual Town Meeting is held the second Tuesday in April at 7 pm at the Unity Point School cafeteria, 4033 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, IL.  The monthly Township Board meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month (except April) at 7 pm at Unity Point School cafeteria, 4033 South Illinois Avenue, Carbondale, IL.  The meeting agendas can be found in the "Township Records" tab.

Makanda Township seeks a daytime Fire Department Manager to respond to fire and medical calls, complete reports, maintain stations, assist with budgets, recruiting, fire prevention, fundraisers, and maintain equipment.  A detailed job description is on the website under the "Township Records" tab, then "General Information" along with an application.  Respond by submitting a resume, completed application and cover letter addressed to "Fire Department Manager application" via email to and or by mailing to ATTN:  Mike Holub and Gary Heern, Makanda Township Fire Department, 5420 Old US Highway 51, Carbondale, IL 62903.  Application deadline is June 1, 2023 at 5 pm.

Makanda Township is an equal opportunity employer.

The Makanda Township Broadband Committee requests township residents complete a survey regarding internet use, price, and preferences.  The survey can be found at  The committee also requests a copy of residents' internet bills.  Confidential information, including your name, can be blackened.  The committee is most interested in determining the amount Makanda Township households pay for their internet.  Copies of internet bills can be mailed to Mike Holub, 1303 West McGuire Road, Makanda, IL 62958.

Those interested in disaster preparedness may be interested in completing online training from the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  Units 100 and 700 are introductions to critical incident management and working with other units of government in case of disaster.