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 General Assistance Caseworkers - About Us 

The purpose of the Illinois Township Association of General Assistance Caseworkers (formerly known as the TOI Social Worker's Division) is to educate General Assistance staff and to ensure consistent implementation of General Assistance programs throughout the State of Illinois. This Association is comprised of General Assistance staff as authorized by each Township Supervisor.  Membership dues are: $50 for 2 caseworkers and $100 for 3 or more caseworkers. Membership forms are under the "Info Center" tab. These dues are in addition to the portion of the dues collected by TOI for its memberships and associate memberships. Our Association contributes to TOI Scholarships, sponsors conference speakers, maintains General Assistance Caseworkers website information, and schedules meetings/seminars throughout the State. The Association is looking ahead to a great year. The Executive Board is actively working on scheduling meetings and seminars across the State of Illinois in an effort to reach out to townships statewide and assist them in connecting to local community resources and services available; the end result being better service to residents. We hope to continue to gain awareness for this Association, build membership, and to bring informative educational opportunities to members so that we can continue to do great things within the Association and for all Townships in Illinois.

The ITAGAC Executive Board: Lakeela Jenning, President (Thorton Township); Kindra Cunningham, Vice President (Fondulac Township); Mary Jo Imperato, Secretary (Hanover Township); Angela Scaggs, Treasurer (Troy Township)

For more information contact:
Lakeela Jenning                                                                                                        Thorton Township
14323 S. Halsted St.
Riverdale, IL 60827
708-596-6040 ext. 3132

The Illinois Township Association of General Assistance Caseworkers