Erienna Township

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Welcome to Erienna Township


Erienna Township is one of seventeen townships in Grundy County, Illinois.

Erienna Township is located in northwest Grundy County: north of the Illinois River, south of U.S. Route 6 and west of Morris to the LaSalle county line.  The City of Morris, (west of Lakewood Street), Hatcher Woods, and a small portion of the east edge of Seneca are incorporated, residential areas within Erienna Township.  Township subdivision unincorporated developments include Heatherfield and Nettle Creek Country Club Estates.

Erienna is bounded on the north by Nettle Creek and Saratoga Townships, on the east by Morris Township and on the south by Wauponsee and Norman Townships.  A large portion of the Township is comprised of rich farmland, with corn and soybeans the primary crops raised, although livestock is also produced.

Primary responsibilities of Erienna Township government consist of:

Road and Street Maintenance

Property Assessments

Administration of General Assistance

Township Government

Serving the People Where They Live

Most Illinois townships elect eight officials: a supervisor, clerk, four trustees, an assessor and a highway commissioner. 


The supervisor is chief executive officer of the township and chairs the board of trustees. The supervisor administers the general assistance program and is treasurer of all town funds and the Highway District.


Trustees comprise the legislative branch of the township. With the supervisor, they have voting rights over establishing township policies outside the jurisdiction of the assessor and highway commissioner.


The clerk is ex-officio clerk of the highway district and the local election authority and keeps all town records except for active general assistance case records. The clerk is responsible for posting legal announcements for the township.

Highway Commissioner

Except in townships with fewer than four miles of road, the highway commissioner is responsible for maintenance of all roads and bridges in the district that are not part of any other government road system.


The assessor establishes values on all parcels of property within the township. The assessor does not levy taxes. The values determined by the assessor are used by other government entities to levy taxes. Erienna and Nettle Creek Townships have formed a multi-township Assessment District.  Members of the multi-township district are the Supervisor and Clerk of each respective township.  

During fiscal year 2020, the Multi-Township District of Erienna and Nettle Creek Townships have contracted with a qualified individual assessor effective January 1, 2020.  

During fiscal year 2019, the Erienna and Nettle Creek MULTI-TOWNSHIP District contracted with the Grundy County Assessor Office.