Santa Anna Township

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Rules & Regulations for Greenleaf & Campground Cemeteries


1. All gravestone markers shall be set on granite or concrete slab with not less than a 6” mowing band.
2. No full grave covers of any type are allowed.
3. No above ground burials are allowed.
4. Vaults are required for burials of bodies. Only one body per grave space.
5. No glass containers or wire shall be used in any floral arrangements.
6. No more than 2 flower containers on the ground are allowed for each gravestone from April through November.
7. No more than 2 shepherd hooks are allowed for each gravestone and they shall be placed as close to the stone as possible.
8. Planting of trees, bushes or plants of any kind is not allowed and digging around the graves or stone is not allowed.
9. One marker is allowed per grave. Government markers can be attached to the back side of existing marker or used by itself as a marker.
10. All grave fees must be paid in full prior to opening a grave.
11. The township does not resell grave spaces. The holder of the deed or executor of the estate of a deceased grave space owner must state in writing who shall be buried in the grave space.
12. All cremations and ashes shall be buried in accordance with Illinios Law under the direction of the township cemetery trustees. Cremations remains requires no vaults. Two cremation remains allowed per grave space.
13. Upkeep of gravestones or markers shall be the sole responsibility of the deed holder, his designated person or company or his family.
14. No gravestone or marker shall be placed and no work shall be done in cemeteries without prior township trustees approval & direction. Gravestones & markers placed without approval of township trustees shall be removed or replaced at the sole expense of the deed holder, his designated person or company or the executor of his estate.
15. Anyone doing work in township cemeteries must carry liability insurance in such form & in such amounts as deemed adequate by township cemeteries trustees.
16. Any articles left in cemeteries that are not approved will be removed and discarded.
17. All flowers shall be picked up by March 1st or they shall be discarded and any decorations in despair or wilted flowers may be removed and discarded at other times as necessary.
18. Cemeteries are closed from sundown to sunup.
19. When a grave space is purchased, only the right to bury on that grave space is granted in accordance with these rules. Santa Anna Township owns the real estate. Grave spaces cost $450.00 each. Recording the deed with the County Recorder’s Office is the expense and responsibility of deed holder.
20. Cemeteries shall only be visited for cemetery purposes. No on shall drive or park a vehicle off the roadway. No one shall leave an unattended vehicle in the cemeteries. Any unattended vehicle is subject to being towed at owner’s expense.
21. Excavation is at the sole liability of the person holding the deed, the deceased deed holder’s executor, or the person asserting ownership, should it encroach upon a prior burial or damage any other property.
22. Application of pauper grave spaces shall only be considered for actual residents of Santa Anna Township, DeWitt County, Illinois and considered on a case-by-case basis.