Sycamore Township

545 Brickville Rd, , Sycamore, Illinois 60178
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Amy Mathey, Supervisor

Notary Public


Statutorily defined as the chief executive officer of the township, an Illinois township supervisor is positioned to fulfill a key leadership role on the township team as the manager of financial affairs in the township, coordinator of township programs, and administrator of day-to-day activities in the office.

In addition, the supervisor is:  A voting member and chair of the township board of trustees, overseer to the General Assistance Program, the treasurer of all township funds and ex-officio treasurer of the road district

Kathy Lampkins, Clerk

Notary Public

The township clerk is the clerk for the township board, keeper of the township's records, clerk of all town meetings, and the ex-officio clerk for the highway commissioner.



Russell Josh, Trustee


The board of township trustees carries out orders prescribed for it by the electors assembled at a town meeting.  The trustees are the legislative arm of the township, setting policy and procedure for the township supervisor to administer.  They also have duties that they must carry out as ordered directly to them by the General Assembly.

George Diedrich


Jim Holliday, Trustee



Ellen Rogers, Trustee


Kevin Schnetzler, Assessor


The Office of Township Assessor is one of the most important

and least understood of all township offices.  The Assessor does

not assess taxes or property.  The Assessor does appraise property

and place value on it, according to formulas set by the Illinois

Department of Revenue.  It is from taxes levied according to these property values

as appraised by the township assessor that all units of local government, including townships,receive their


Bill Powers, Highway Commissioner


The highway commissioner of each road district comprised of a single township

is an elected officer of that township.  The township highway commissioner has

all the road district roads under his jurisdiction except those inside incorporated cities

or villages.  He is responsible for their construction and maintenance to the extent that

the electors provide him with the funds for such.