Clinton Township

PO Box 231, 315 W. Adams, Waterman, Illinois 60556
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Clinton Township Community Center

The Clinton Township Community Center (better known as the Community Building) is located at 160 W. Lincoln Highway in Waterman. It is supervised by a Board of Managers consisting of three registered voters in the township. Care and maintenance of the building is provided by the caretaker/custodian. The community building serves as the polling place for elections in Clinton Township and may be used for other public events. Subject to certain rules and regulations, community building rooms can be temporarily rented by individuals and organizations for private meetings and events.


Janice Knudsen, Chair, 815-751-8838

Robin Gilbreth,

Tammy Johnson, 815-970-4138

Caretaker/Custodian: Peggy Rogers, 815-295-1091,


The rental fee is $40 for the back room and $25 for the front room, payable upon picking up the key from the caretaker at 460 S. Elm St., Waterman. Any renter must be at least 21 years of age and live within Clinton Township.

Please contact Peggy Rogers at 815-295-1091 for more information regarding availability and rental policies.