Robinson Township

200 West Chestnut Street, , Robinson, Illinois 62454
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Township Services

Notary Public: Our office staff will be glad to notarize papers FREE of charge for Robinson Township residents.  Appointments can be made by calling 618-546-5414 between 7:00 am and 3:30 pm Mondays through Fridays.

Referrals:  The General Assistance Office provides residents with referrals to other community agencies and food programs.

General Assistance:  The General Assistance Office follows the Federal Poverty Guidelines in determining eligibility for assistance.  To apply for assistance, township residents need to schedule an appointment and provide the township with the following information:  driver’s license or other photo ID, last 30 days worth of income receipts, rent and/or lease receipt, utilities' record, social security card, medical card, landlord/renter verification, any court ordered payments, any other assistance the resident is currently receiving.  Other documentation may be required. In addition to verifying financial need, state law requires that an individual may only seek assistance from the township in which the individual lives.

The end goal of providing general assistance to qualified applicants is to help the individual become independent and return to the work force when and as soon as possible.  If the applicant does not qualify for the General Assistance program, the Township Office may have knowledge of other agencies where the individual can potentially obtain benefits and will reference these sources.

Emergency Assistance:  The Robinson Township General Assistance Office provides access to financial aid and other programs for township residents in need.  Emergency Assistance is available once every twelve months to provide qualifying individuals with help in paying for utility service, and shelter.