Palatine Township

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Clerk Moran

Township Clerk
Lisa Moran

I am honored to be serving my fifth term on the Palatine Township Board; my first term as Trustee and these last four terms as Clerk. I’m committed to continuing my efforts towards increased transparency in all aspects of Palatine Township government. While I truly enjoy my Clerk duties noted below, my favorite duty by far was developing and now directing the Blue Star Banner Program, which allows me an opportunity to get to know the wonderful military families living within our township.

I’ve enjoyed living with my family in Palatine since 2001. I work as a dental assistant and OSHA Compliance Manager in a neighboring suburb, earning my diploma and working in the field for over thirty years. Here in town, I am an active parishioner and catechist at St. Theresa’s Church. I’ve also had the pleasure of serving 11 years as Board Secretary of SALUTE, Inc., an incredible Palatine non-profit supporting military veterans and their families.

The Township Clerk’s main duty is to prepare and maintain the Township’s Board Meeting Minutes. S/He serves as the head Freedom of Information Officer for the Township. The Clerk serves as the Township’s Local Election Authority, working with Cook County. The Township Clerk also serves as clerk for the Road District. The Township and Road District Clerk position is assigned various duties which are not listed here, but detailed in IL State Statutes. The Palatine Township Clerk has no direct reports, but has a dotted line relationship with the Township Administrator, who has been designated as Deputy Clerk.

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