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Andy-John G. Kalkounos 

Annual Town Meeting:


The Township was honored to have Jeanne Pavlica as our guest and Moderator of the Palatine Township Annual Town Meeting. Jeanne Pavlica is a resident of Palatine Township and is the "Clarinda Cady Quester"s Chairwoman. The Cady Questers have raised money that helped with some of the work as well as the purchase of a new fence at Cady Cemetery. (She was assisted by Donna Monco.) We thank you for you continued care of a historic Palatine cemetery.


Palatine Township Transportation:

Palatine Township passed Resolution 09-23 at the April Board Meeting effectively lowering the cost of a one way ride down to $2.00. Our Transportation Department serves disabled residents and senior citizen residents over the age of 60. We also process Benefit Access applications with the State of Illinois. The Benefit Access Program provides qualified disabled and senior residents with free transit benefits as well as a Secretary of State License Plate discount. Our mission is to serve our community and lowering the cost of the ride for our residents assists our residents in these high inflationary times.


Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District Appointment of

Irene Herzau:

Longtime local resident of Palatine Township Irene Herzau was reappointed to the Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District at the April Board Meeting. Thank you for your continued service, Trustee Herzau!


Inverness Fire Protection District Appointment of

Gerald Chapman:

Longtime local resident of Palatine Township Gerald Chapman was reappointed to the Inverness Fire Protection District at the April Board Meeting. The Inverness Fire Protection District serves unincorporated areas of Palatine Township, Schaumburg Township and a majority of the Village of Inverness. Thank you for your continued service, Trustee Chapman!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Palatine Township Senior Center:

Palatine Township was honored to present the Palatine Township Senior Citizens Council with a Resolution and plaque celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Palatine Township Senior Citizens Council! Joining the Palatine Township Board for the presentation were Donelda Danz, Board Chair, Nancy Frenk, Director of Social Services, Amanda Seidel, Social Services representative, Diane Lancour, Director of the Palatine Township Senior Citizens Council.

Sincerely yours,

Andy-John G. Kalkounos
Supervisor, Palatine Township


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We help needy families within Palatine Township. If you are in need of assistance,  please contact the Township by calling (847) 358-6700 or by sending an email to

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Please donate to the Needy Family Fund. This not-for-profit plan is funded by private, tax-deductible contributions to assist residents who are at need. You can donate by clicking on the donate button below. We will help people financially who have no income and are not eligible for unemployment. They are the first priority.

Our Motto is "People Serving People."

Our Mission 

Palatine Township supports citizens within the Township with services authorized by Illinois law including assistance to those in need, support for accurate property assessments, senior services including transportation, and maintenance for roadways in the unincorporated areas. We provide programs and services in a timely, efficient and courteous manner always mindful that the taxpayers of Palatine Township are paying for the services.

Palatine Township provides numerous services and events for its 113,000 residents, and supports 29 social service agencies located within its boundaries. The Township is one of the most heavily populated in Illinois, with a goal to enhance and improve the quality of life for all of its residents. The following communities are part of the Township: Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Inverness, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, South Barrington and Schaumburg.

Township Hours : Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM