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Andy-John G. Kalkounos


Message from the Supervisor

            ” Responsible and Responsive Government”


Palatine Township voted a Zero Percent Increase

We are pleased to report that our Township Board voted at the regular December Board meeting for a “0% Increase” over last year’s tax rate. Our meeting was held in the Patriot Room with a mosaic backdrop of gifts for the Toy Drive for needy families in our Township. The unanimous vote included the Town Fund, General Assistance and the Road District Levies. We maintain our commitment to be fiscally responsible with taxpayer money and we have a deep-rooted culture of meeting the needs of our community.

Township is responsive to community needs

The Crisis Assistance Program, the first of its kind in township government, was just awarded “Best Township Innovative Program.” This program was created by my predecessor, a former law enforcement officer, to provide resources and funding to local police departments as they assist residents in immediate crisis. Many residents assisted by this program have been the victim(s) of domestic violence or disasters in their homes. We were able to develop the program even further through our dedicated GA Coordinator Mrs. Shapiro and her staff who have been instrumental in bridging emergency service partners with those in need.

Palatine Township’s Electric Aggregation Opt-Out Program

In a 2013 Referendum, voters in unincorporated Palatine Township elected to establish an Electric Aggregation Savings Opt-Out Program. This program allows Palatine Township to review and accept bids to provide unincorporated residents with the best electric rate. This past year Palatine Township renewed the electric aggregation program. The vast majority of residents who chose to remain in the program are experiencing much lower electric bills.

We exist to help those who need assistance…

Sometimes those people are hard to find. If you know of someone who needs a hand or advice on how to manage through an issue, please allow us the opportunity to help advise and support. If you would like to contribute, volunteer or serve please call (847) 358-6700.

Sincerely yours,




Andy-John G. Kalkounos
Supervisor, Palatine Township

Palatine Township Assistance: 

We help needy families within Palatine Township. If you are in need of assistance,  please contact the Township by

calling (847) 358-6700 or by sending an email to

Palatine Food Pantry Needs: To assist at need families, please click for a list of Immediate Needs along with our general list.

Click for our Food Pantry page.

Please donate to the Needy Family Fund. This not-for-profit plan is funded by private, tax-deductible contributions to assist residents who are at need. You can donate online by clicking on the donate button below. We will help people financially who have no income and are not eligible for unemployment. They are the first priority.

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Palatine Township Employment Opportunities:
We are seeking skilled and compassionate professionals to join our team. At this time, the following positions are open at Palatine Township. 


Bus Driver 

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