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Positions Available

Berwyn Township 


TITLE: General & Emergency Assistance Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

The task for this committee is to review General Assistance and Emergency Assistance programs currently in place at the Berwyn Township, review practices at other townships across Illinois, and make best-practice recommendations for equitable assistance that is meaningful to Berwyn residents within the law. Committee members are appointed by the Township Supervisor. Township Supervisor serves as Committee Chair. Expected duration: 6 months to 1 year. Committee will dissolve upon completion of review and recommendations. MUST BE A BERWYN RESIDENT. 

Please send inquiries to

DEPARTMENT: General Assistance


Positions Available: Secretary / Member (5)

Role of Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the committee. The secretary is the primary administration officer of the committee and provides the links between the committee, members and outside agencies. The Secretary should be a good communicator, maintain confidentiality on relevant matters and have the ability to delegate tasks and supervise others. Amongst the Secretary’s tasks are to work with the Chair to prepare the agenda, control and distribute minutes, receive and disseminate correspondence to and from the committee etc.

Desirable Attributes: 

   • be organized
   • have computer skills
   • be able to keep confidential matters confidential.
Specific duties include but are not limited to:
   • Vote on Committee actions and recommendations
   • Maintain records of the committee and ensure effective management records
   • Manage minutes of committee meetings, including ensuring the minutes Secretary does so, and ensuring minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting
   • Development of the agenda in consultation with other committee members and distribution prior to the meeting
   • Is sufficiently familiar with documents to note applicability during meetings
   • Is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements
   • Ensure that the records of the committee are maintained as required by law and made available when required by authorized persons. These records may include founding documents, lists of committee members, committee meeting minutes, financial reports, and other official records
   • Manage the general correspondence of the committee except for such correspondence assigned to others
   • Help and lead the committee in providing systematic communication from the committee to relevant stakeholders

Role of the Committee Member: Committee members are responsible for attending meetings, working 5 to 10 hours per month outside of committee meetings, preparing for meetings ready to share research findings. All members vote on committee actions and recommendations.

Desirable Attributes:

   • Pre-existing passion for the cause
   • Eagerness to participate at every meeting
   • Excited to serve on committees
   • Strong desire for stewardship to others
   • Supportive, but willing to express their own opinion
   • Strives to learn as much as possible
   • Positive mindset
   • Able to employ impartiality

Why serve on a committee?

 Give residents a chance to participate - Provide new ideas and partnerships - Assist in planning and carrying out work of the organization - Introduce residents to positions of more responsibility - Build leadership

Berwyn Board of Health

The Berwyn Public Health District is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

708 Mental Health Board

The Berwyn Township 708 Community Mental Health Board promotes a community based system of quality services relating to mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse. These services should be comprehensive in nature and equitably available to all residents of the Township of Berwyn.


4 year terms, with all terms expiring 12/31/2025
Board members must reside within the Berwyn Township during their term.
Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Board members review and evaluate LOI's submitted by agencies seeking funding that meets the needs of Berwyn residents.
Attend and conduct site visits with agencies requesting funding
Ensure funding granted meets the requirements of 708 Funding
Attend monthly 708 board member meetings
Interested Residents may submit a letter of intent to Berwyn Township Supervisor,