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Township Services

General Assistance

The General Assistance program is designed to help Berwyn Residents in need who are not eligible for Social Security or a state supported program. Residents who qualify are able to come to the Township for assistance. In order to determine if one meets all requirements necessary to apply for General Assistance, they should contact our General Assistance Department at (708)788-6600.

What is the General Assistance Program?

General Assistance (GA) is a locally administered public assistance program mandated by IL State Law for qualified individuals with financial needs. In accordance with the adopted written standards, GA can provide monthly payments to help individuals meet their basic needs. Interested individuals can apply to the Berwyn Township's General Assistance Department. An applicant must be a resident of Berwyn Township, age 18 or older, and a United States Citizen or Qualified Immigrant. In addition, an applicant must meet all financial and non-financial eligibility requirements. General Assistance is considered to be the program of last resort.

**In an effort to follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH), The Township will suspend all in-person appointments and instead will be conducting all appointments via phone or an alternate form of appropriate contact.
To receive an application, or if you have general questions regarding this program, please contact our offices at: (708) 788-6600.

Families with children requiring financial assistance should contact the local DHS office to apply for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) and Medical Assistance, as well as for Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program.

If you recently lost your job, we recommend applying for Unemployment Benefits and Food Stamps or (SNAP benefits).

Disabled individuals that are not receiving other governmental assistance should contact the Social Security Administration at:

If you experiencing housing (rent/mortgage) problems:

To apply for General Assistance:

  • Request, complete and submit an application:
    • Berwyn Township, 6600 W. 26th Street, Berwyn, IL 60402. (708-788-6600).
  • Adhere to the General Assistance rules of participation.
  • Meet specific financial and non-financial requirements under the G.A. program guidelines.
  • Submit all the documents needed to begin your application process to determine eligibility.
  • Be willing to be cooperative with the G.A. department, actively search for work opportunities, accept a work offer and engage in community service activities.

Berwyn Township Assessor's Office

The Berwyn Township Assessor' s Office is available to assist our residents in many areas related to Property Tax assessments.  Residents can receive help in completing exemption forms, filing property tax appeals, and completing name change paperwork for the Treasurer' s office. Residents with questions may reach Berwyn Township Assessor, Jacqueline Pereda, or a member of her staff at 708-788-6600. Often times, documentation is required for the completion of specific forms. We ask that you call in advance so that needed documentation can be provided at the time of your appointment. For more detailed information please visit the Assessor's website at

708 Mental Health Board

The 708 Mental Health Board has help for those in need. Click here for access to the 13 locally funded agencies in our community

The Berwyn Township 708 Community Mental Health Board promotes a community based system of quality services relating to mental health, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse. These services should be comprehensive in nature and equitably available to all residents of the Township of Berwyn.

Discount Prescription Cards

Berwyn Township has partnered with Financial Marketing Concepts, Inc. to offer a discount prescription card program to all its residents. The Coast2Coast Rx Card is a free discount prescription card that can save individuals 55% annually and up to 75% off single prescriptions. It allows one to save on both generic and brand names drugs and is accepted at over 60,000 participating pharmacies, both chain and independent stores. All members of a family can use the card and it is always free, available to be used immediately. There are no age, income, or other exclusions, and no forms to fill out. For more specific information on all benefits and restrictions, please visit the Coast2Coast website at You can print out your free prescription card from their website or pick one up in person at the Berwyn Township offices, located in the Berwyn Public Health Center.

Handicapped Parking Placards

Applications for a State of Illinois "Persons with Disabilities" Parking Placard are available in the Township office. Upon completion by both a physician and the applicant, this application entitles the individual to a permanent placard for long term disabilities or a temporary placard for short term disabilities. The Township can issue a temporary placard for short term disabilities and send the completed permanent applications on to Springfield on behalf of our residents.