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 South Fork Township Presents:  

Annual Township Flag Contest 

This contest is open to all students or homeschool students in grades 5-12 living within the South Fork Township. The winner will be voted on by a local committee and will receive a monetary prize of $100.00. The winning flag design will proudly be flown at the South Fork Township Office and the South Fork Township Highway Department. 

The flag design should help identify the past, present, and future of the South Fork Township and the community. The flag will be flown high so small detailed or hard-to-see designs and lettering should be avoided as well as too many colors, a maximum of 4 colors is suggested. 

Entry forms are available at the Town Hall, 124 Central Ave in Kincaid, or can be downloaded from the township website  Flag designs are due at the Township Office no later than closing time on Monday, April 10, 2023.  The winner will be announced on Friday, April 14, 2023.  Final designs can be dropped off at: Township’s main business office during regular business hours 

Electronically to:

Mailed to: South Fork Township

      Flag Design

      Box  258        

      Kincaid, IL  62540 

*****************************************************************************************************************************Attach this paper to an 8X10 (regular size paper) design of your flag.  


Home Address______________________________

Parent/Guardian name and phone number_________________________(       ) __________

Parent/Guardian e-mail address____________________________________________________

Short description of your flag (use back if needed)