South Fork Township

124 Central Avenue, , Kincaid, Illinois 62540
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Snow Plow Routes

South Fork Township Highway Commissioner Vinnie Pop, with over 20 years of experience, is in charge of all the snow plowing operations in the Township.  He can be reached at 217-237-2731 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Taking care of over 75 miles of road, he will dispatch three to four units during inclement weather.  Please note that the drivers will start at the Highway Department and work their way out to the outlying areas.  One round for each driver takes over four hours to complete so please be patient.

Driving during winter weather is extremely dangerous for everyone, especially the snowplow drivers. With limited visibility and slick roads, every driver on the road needs to be on the lookout for our drivers.  Please allow for extra drive time when traveling and give our drivers the space they need to plow the roads and return back safely.  Thank you!