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Utility Shut-Offs

Behind on Utilities? Facing a Shut off? You are not

alone. We Can Help!

If you have a disconnection notice from Ameren or Illinois American Water do these things right away to stop the shut off.

STEP 1: Call the company NOW Both Ameren and Illinois American Water have agreed to stop shut-offs until March 31, 2021 but YOU MUST CALL THE UTILITY TO AVOID A SHUT OFF. Tell them you are applying for LIHEAP utility assistance. If you are impacted by COVID, let them know.

● Ameren Illinois – 1-800-755-5000

● Illinois American Water – 1-800-422-2782

If you do not have a phone come to Township and we will help you call: 205 W. Green St. Urbana Monday-Friday 8:30-12 and 1-4:30. (We can also help you get a free smartphone!).

STEP 2: Apply for LIHEAP Energy Assistance

● You can walk in and apply Thursdays at 1776 E. Washington St, Urbana.

● Or call 217-384-1226 to make an appointment.

● Or visit

You will need: your utility disconnect notice or utility bill plus proof of income for last 30 days. For kids under 5, bring their medical card or birth certificate. Bring social security cards if you have them. If you need help getting these, talk to LIHEAP staff or call Township: 217-384-4144.

STEP 3: Let us know how it’s going.

At Township we can track your case, help get documents, and help advocate for you. Just call 217-384-4144 or stop by at 205 W. Green St. in Urbana across from the library.

What if LIHEAP assistance isn’t enough?

● Visit or call 1-800-755-5000. Ameren is giving out grants to people who received LIHEAP but need more support.

● Call Township and let us know. We also have a General Assistance program for those out of work or making less than $600 a month and a Rental Assistance Program.