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Utility Assistance

Behind on Utilities? Facing a Shut off?
You are not alone. We Can Help!

If you are behind on rent AND utilities:

  • Apply for Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) through the Regional Planning Commission here:
  • We advise you let your landlord know right away you are applying.
  • If you need assistance applying to ERA, please call our office: 217-384-4144 or email us at

If are behind on water:

  • Call Salvation Army: 217-373-7832
  • If you do not receive a call back, call our office 217-384-4144.

If your water is shut off

  • Call our office immediately at 217-384-4144.

If you are only behind on power (and not rent):

It is always a good idea to call the utility company and negotiate a payment plan:

● Ameren Illinois – 1-800-755-5000

● Illinois American Water – 1-800-422-2782

At Township we can track your case, help get documents, and help advocate for you. Just call 217-384-4144 or stop by at 205 W. Green St. in Urbana across from the library.

We thank the many generous donors to the Unitarian Universalist Utility Fund for supporting your neighbors in need.