Cunningham Township

205 West Green Street, , Urbana, Illinois 61801
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Reports & Policy Briefs

  • Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office Postcard
    This printable postcard easily shows CTSO programs and successes. (Designed by Cope Cumpston)

  • What is Township and How Can it Work for Me?
    Learn the history of townships, their legally mandated role to support very low-income households, and how you can find out more information. (Created by Darcy Sandefur)

  • Housing Insecurity and Homelessness in Champaign County - A Brief Sheet
    This overview combines any data points collected by CTSO over the past two years to articulate to local policymakers the housing precarity local residents face. (Data support by Allan Axelrod)

  • Housing Discrimination Report
    Presented to the Urbana Human Relations Commission in February of 2020, this report details local landlord violations of the Urbana Human Rights Ordinance and makes recommendations for how to address this issue. (Report authored by Emmett Sanders)

  • Poverty Workshop Slideshow
    This Poverty Workshop was developed by Supervisor Danielle Chynoweth for the Champaign County Mental Health Board, presented on September, 2019. Note: data is current as of that date.