Cunningham Township

205 West Green Street, , Urbana, Illinois 61801
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Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office

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About us

Cunningham Township Supervisor's Office provides a safety net for low-income households in Urbana. Funded by the residents of Urbana, we provide General Assistance, Rental Assistance, Utility Assistance, Food Support, Homeless ServicesTransportation Assistance, Advocacy, and Support for Social Service partners serving Urbana residents. We are open Monday through Friday 8:30-12 and 1-4:30pm.

We operate an internship and volunteer program and produce reports and policy briefs on addressing poverty and housing insecurity in Champaign County. Our elected Supervisor, Danielle Chynoweth, serves on the Champaign Urbana Public Health Board. Read more about us and learn about our principles.


Fair Housing Survey

Did you know it is illegal in Illinois to refuse to rent to someone simply because they are using a voucher or rental assistance to pay their rent? This is called Source of Income discrimination. In Illinois, it is illegal to deny someone housing or otherwise treat them differently because of their legal source of income.

But laws are only as good as their enforcement – so we need your help!

Cunningham Township is working with our friends at HOPE Fair Housing to identify local landlords who may discriminate. If you believe that you have faced discrimination while looking for housing or in your current housing, HOPE can help you fight back against that discrimination. You can contact HOPE to discuss your situation by email (, phone (630-690-6500), or by checking out their website (

Apply for Help

Live in Urbana, out of money, and making less than $600 a month?

Need help with rent?

Live in Urbana and need help? 

  • We can deliver food, toiletries, and stay at home provisions to low-income households in the Urbana area.
  • Learn more about utility assistance.
  • We can direct you to resources in the community.
  • Call: (217) 384-4144
  • Email:
  • Call 211 any time of day to be connected to a live operator for help.

Donate to Help Your Neighbors in Need

  • Want to help neighbors in need? Donate to our Angel Fund. 100% of funds pay directly for material needs for Urbana residents.

Please find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Our Service area

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