Casey Township

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Casey Township


The Early Years

No sooner had the National Road (also called the Cumberland Road) been constructed through Clark County in 1834, than a line of settlements sprang up along the road. The settlements consisted principally of workmen who moved here for the purpose of securing employment. 

Several of these settlers made considerable improvements in the way of breaking ground around their cabins surrounding the road construction. John Lang built a National Hotel in what would later become the center of Casey. 

When a North / South (Route 49) road was developed it caused a population shift to the intersection of the National Road (old US 40) Now Interstate 70 and Rout 49.Around 1853 the village of Casey and Casey Township developed and took its place as the population and trading center.  

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   Casey Township will meet the second Tuesday of each month at the hour of 7:00 pm at the Casey Senior Center  2 SW second street, in Casey, IL.