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Shared Services Best Practices Survey


The Office of the Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti has asked that we share the following information with you.  Although this is not a mandated task, we ask that you please consider taking the time to respond.  Any information we can get out to others on how vital and efficient townships are to them would be much appreciated. 





Dear Local Leader:

This October, I will publish the first-of-its-kind Illinois Local Government Shared Service Best Practices Guide examining all of the major types of local government – and I need your help.

As I toured all 102 counties of this state, I learned how local units of government share services, equipment, personnel, and expertise to drive down cost and improve the quality of services offered to residents. You don’t execute these agreements because the state or federal government mandates it. As local officials you lead, and I would like to recognize and celebrate your leadership.

I invite you to share how you have partnered with other units of government or the private sector to do more with less. If your local government has executed any Intergovernmental Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, or shared service partnerships that you believe other elected officials could learn from and replicate – I need your help. Fill out the survey accompanying this letter and join me in creating a good government playbook for the state of Illinois.

Prior to becoming your Lieutenant Governor, I had the absolute honor to serve as a City Councilwoman in Wheaton. It was because of my experience in local government that Governor Rauner asked me to serve as Chair of a Task Force on Local Government Consolidation and Unfunded Mandates. At the close of last year, this Task Force issued a final report, made specific public policy recommendations, and pursued legislative proposals aimed at increasing local government efficiency and driving down cost. At the core of these efforts was the firm belief that you as a local leader best know your people, community, and solutions that will serve their interests.

In continuation of the goals of the Task Force, my aim is to promote the very best of your shared service practices as examples for other local governments to discover. With your help, leadership and input, the Illinois Local Government Shared Service Best Practices Guide will highlight a variety of creative approaches along with tried-and-true methods so that officials of all levels have the resources to implement more effective, efficient governance in their communities. 

Please share your story by completing the online survey by September 1st. For any questions or additional information, please contact Brian Costin at or by phone at (312) 814-3309.


Evelyn Sanguinetti

Illinois Lieutenant Governor