Riverside Township

27 Riverside Road | Riverside, Illinois 60546

Special Services

Freedom of Information Act Request

Any individual person, group, association, corporation, firm, partnership or organization has the right to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to any state or local public body, including any city, township, or county office. If one wishes to submit a FOIA request, one can do so in person at the Township office, or over the phone, during regular office hours. A written request can also be submitted to the Township via fax, email, or by traditional mail. 

There is no charge for the first 50 black and white pages of information provided, after that, the Township office charges $0.15 per page. Requested information can also be provided electronically, on a compact disc, or on a USB drive. The Township has up to 5 business days to respond to a FOIA request, starting the day after a request is officially received.

If you have more questions or wish to submit a FOIA request, please call the Township office during regular business hours and ask to speak to one of the designated FOIA Officers.


Nurse's Closet

The Riverside Township Nurse's Closet makes available, to Riverside Township residents, the short-term loan (no more than 3 months) of durable medical equipment. Commodes, bath benches and seats, walkers, crutches, canes, and wheelchairs are available for loan at no charge. Donations of similarly new or slightly used equipment are acceptable as well. Residents are advised to contact the Township office before considering any and all medical equipment loans or donations. The Nurse's Closest is open Monday through Friday, from 9am until 2:30pm.


Food Pantry

Riverside Township currently offers a non-perishable Food Pantry to Township residents. Two pieces of current identification proving residency are required, and it is recommended that recipients call the Township office at least 1 hour prior to any visit. No more than one visit per month is allowed per resident/household.

The Food Pantry also accepts donations of non-perishable food from community groups and individuals in an effort to help keep the pantry shelves fully stocked. Donations are accepted in the Township office during regular business hours, or donated items can be left in one of the many drop-off boxes situated throughout the Town Hall building. The pantry is open Monday through Friday, from 9am until 2:30pm.


Reduced Fare Transit Card for Seniors

For seniors, age 65 and older, who are not qualified for a low-income free ride permit, are eligible to ride RTA fixed route bus and rail services provided by the CTA, Pace, and Metra at a reduced fare with a Reduced Fare Permit.

Applications for the Reduced Fare Permit can be obtained in the Township office or found on the RTA's website at:


A copy of a valid government-issued ID, such as a driver's license, state ID, or passport, is required to fill out the application, as well as a valid Social Security number. Once all materials are mailed in and then approved, applicants will receive their Reduced Fare Permit in the mail at their home address within 3-4 weeks.

*Please note, the Township only offers the application for the Reduced Fare Permit for seniors. The Township office does not offer the Free Ride permit applications, and does not actually issue any physical transit cards.


Handicapped Parking Placards

Applications for a State of Illinois "Persons with Disabilities" Parking Placard are available in the Township office. Upon completion by both a physician and the applicant, this application entitles the individual to either a permanent placard for long term disabilities or a temporary placard for short term disabilities. The application for a permanent placard must be mailed to Springfield, while the application for a temporary placard can be returned to the Township office.

The Township only issues the temporary placard and this service is available Monday through Friday, from 9am until 2:30pm.


Voter Registration

The Riverside Township office can register United States citizens to vote. The voter registration applicant must be 18 years old by the next election, live at the address of registration at least 30 days before the next election, display two pieces of identification (one with a current address), and appear in person to sign the oath of registration. There is no charge for this service and it is recommended to call ahead of time to ensure the availability of the registrar. This service is available Monday through Friday, from 9am until 2:30pm.


Notary Public

The Township office also provides the services of a notary public. Any document to be notarized must be signed in the presence of the notary. There is no charge for this service and it is recommended to call ahead of time to ensure the availability of the notary. This service is available Monday through Friday, from 9am until 2:30pm.


General Assistance

The General Assistance program is designed to help needy Township residents who are not eligible for Social Security or a state supported program. Individuals who qualify are able to come to the Township for financial assistance. In order to determine if one meets any and all requirements necessary to apply for General Assistance, one should contact the Township Supervisor, Vera Wilt, at (708) 442-4400.


Town Hall Room Rental

The Town Hall building is available to any Township-based community, non-profit, educational, and cultural group free of charge. If you, or your organization, are interested in utilizing one of the meeting rooms in the Town Hall, then please call the office for all the details and eligibility requirements. One can also visit the "Download Center" section of the Township website and download a Room Request Form, as well as copies of the Town Hall's Policy for Usage and general Rules and Regulations.

*The Town Hall is not available for private events and alcohol is not permitted inside the building or outside on the surrounding property. The Town Hall building is also closed on weekends.