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Education District Programs

February 22, 2018                   Collinsville          Double Tree

March 8, 2018                        East Peoria          Holiday Inn

March 16, 2018                       Mt. Sterling        Local Venue

April 19, 2018                         Mt. Vernon         Drury Inn

May 24, 2018                          Normal              Marriott

July 19, 2018                          Rockford            Giovanni’s

August 9, 2018                       Naperville           Marriot


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Professional Development Programs

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January 19, 2018         Township Budgeting Process    

    2018 January Special for PDD Program                              

Township Budgeting Preparation and Execution and Audit

Are you wondering what is involved in the township budget preparation and execution process.  Wondering what happens when you have a budget approved and a change is needed. TOI Executive Directory Bryan Smith explores the budget process from start to finish.  This is a course for any township officials or staff wanting to learn new innovative strategies to the Township Budget Process. This program provides you with the tools you need to properly prepare for the annual or quadrennial audit.  The discussion includes the requirements for the audit schedule, understanding the prepared client audit list, as well as budgeting for the township audit.  The day will conclude with a discussion of the recent changes to the governmental auditing requirements.

Additionally, a representative from the Illinois State Comptroller’s office will be provide a discussion on the new changes to the audit requirements for all units of local government.



 April 13, 2018              Township Cemeteries

Would you like to explore the basics of managing a township cemetery? This session covers the basics, including, but not limited to the authority of townships to establish and maintain a cemetery as well as the authority of a township to assume control of existing cemeteries, the revenue sources available support and the overall administrative and reporting state requirements. How does the Cemetery Oversight Act impact township Cemeteries?     



July 13, 2018         Grant Writing 101 for Township Government   

You know the challenges of funding your local programs. You also know that grant funding is one piece of a diverse funding plan.  Applying for grants, however, is time-consuming and requires specialized expertise.  This one-day seminar is designed for Illinois township officials and employees with little or no experience writing a grant proposal.  Kristin Olson will help you discern if a grant opportunity is a good fit for your funding needs.  Then she’ll walk you through the process of writing a grant narrative, including the need statement, evaluation plan, and budget.  Last, but not least, Kristin will pass along a few of her tips of the trade to help you put the finishing touches on your proposal before you submit it.



October 19, 2018         Cyber liability /& Other Coverages sponsored by TOIRMA

With all the exciting developments and opportunities that technology provides to you in your township role, there are still some potential pitfalls and liability you could face with its use.  This presentation covers these common areas and provides suggestions for protection you can implement to safeguard you, your employees, and the township and road district should any potential problems involving technology liability arise.  This program also reviews other TOIRMA coverages available and provides recommendations on how to reduce your exposures and help better protect your township and road district. 


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Please note that all webinars are scheduled for (12PM)  Except for the January 10th which will be at 11:00AM)


January 10          Adopting the Sexual Harassment Policy (11AM)

February 21        Serving the People in Township Government

March 21             Illinois Comptroller Reporting Requirements

March 28             Updating your Township Record Keeping System

April 5                 Preparing for the Annual Town Meeting - SPONSORED BY THE CLERKS DIVISION OF ILLINOIS

April 24               Do you have a succession plan in your office

June 6                 Ask a Township Professional

July 25                Controlling Township Workers Compensation Costs

August 22           Construction Bidding and Purchasing in Township Government

September 19     What's new in Township Employment Policies in 2018




*Only requires an internet connection and a phone line. All courses begin at noon and last approximately 60 minutes. Cost for TOI members is $25/webinar.*

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The information to be provided at this Webinar is provided by the Township Officials of Illinois for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. It is intended to provide timely general information of interest, but should not be considered a substitute for legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular issue or problem. Participation in the Webinar does not create an attorney-client relationship with any attorneys participating in the Webinar and participants.

Education Videos 

 Bill Alstrom Highway Commissioner for Wheatland Township 2017 Road District Video Recap 

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