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This website is dedicated to promoting the work performed by township highway commissioners in Illinois. As a division of TOI, we realize the importance of electronic communication. If not for ourselves for future generations of township government. Through this medium our board of directors hopes to pave the way to improve communication among and abroad in Illinois Township Road Districts.

2020 THCOI Dues Form

2020 THCOI Dues Cover Letter

Illinois T2/LTAP - NHI 133121 - Traffice Signal Design and Operation - June 4&5 - Schaumburg IL

APWA Illinois Roads Scholar Program 

What is APWA Illinois Roads Scholar Program all about?

APWA IRSP offers a comprehensive training program in a three year cycle.

For one week per year road right of way workers in this program will be trained in various aspects, inc

luding flagging certification, signage standards, site safety, tool safety, paving, underground pipe work, GIS mapping, and roadway emergency response.

Participants who successfully attend all three training years will be designated as an APWA Illinois Roads Scholar.

Additionally, after completion of the program, graduates will be offered the opportunity to attend a hands-on equipment training session which can be added as an endorsement to your certificate

HC Responsibility & Funding Diversity Film Project

The Film Project for the Highway Commissioners Division is complete and ready to be shared. Please take some time to watch and share this valuable tool for communicating what we do to serve our townships. All videos can be accessed here:

Illinois Highway Commissioners Stories

Restaurant Conversation

Rural Mailbox Story

Who Monitors Road District Spending

Morton Township "Old Bessie Sue Story"

HC Responsibility & Funding Diversity Film Project

THCOI Long Verson Letter to the Editor

THCOI Letter to the Editor Short Version


Beneficial Links for Townships

MFT Distribution

Motor Fuel Tax Funds

Funding Matrix and Local MY Program

LR&S Manual

Circular Letters

Technology Transfer center

LR&S Forms

Signing of Road District and Township Highways

General Administrative Duties of the Township Highway Commissioner

IL Interchange-2019-01_012219

FY2019 spring Training Catalog

Implementing Safe Work Zone Flyer

Implementing Safe Work Zone - Carbondale

Implementing Safe Work Zone - Edwardsville

Implementing Safe Work Zone - Glenview

Implementing Safe Work Zone - Rockford

IL Interchange 2020 Spring

Local Agency Flagger Information

Online Training Resources

Rebuild Illinois Bond Funds to Local Public Agencies

Registration for the 35th Annual IDOT Conference is open!

Chainsaw Safety. Friday 10/16 at 12:00 PM. Paul Albritton, LTAP Technical Training Coordinator. Hear about chainsaw safety, maintenance, and safety tips. For more information and to register and receive access information to this Webex Training please go to

OSHA’s Here, Now What? Friday 10/23 at 12:00 PM. Guest Speakers: Kristy Ryan, Relion Insurance Solutions and Sarah Allender, True North Companies. Hear about what to do before, during, and after an OSHA inspection. For more information and to register and receive access information to this Webex Training please go to

Effective Communication in Work Gone Virtual. Friday 10/30 at 12:00 PM. Guest Speaker: Monica Ghosh, Institute for Transportation (InTrans). Monica works to increase tech transfer effectiveness and reach. She will talk about how local agencies and LTAPs can guide the continuing change to virtual communication. This webinar calls attention to several communication risks associated with work gone virtual as well as shares more than a dozen resources. For more information and to register and receive access information to this Webex Training please go to

Addressing Work Zone Speed and Safety. Friday 11/6 at 9:30 AM. Guest Speaker: Dr. Shauna Hallmark, Institute for Transportation (InTrans). This workshop will discuss the effectiveness of various work zone countermeasures used to reduce speeds and address crashes in work zones. General countermeasures, such as dynamic speed feedback signs and transverse rumble strips, are presented along with the impacts of other work zone features on speed and driving behavior. For more information and to register and receive access information to this Webex Training please go to

Incorporating Safety into Projects. Thursday 11/12 at 12:00 PM. David Veneziano, Iowa Safety Circuit Rider. This webinar will discuss applying the principles of road safety assessments and general observations to identify safety improvements that can be made during general maintenance operations and rehabilitation/reconstruction projects. For more information and to register and receive access information to this Webex Training please go to

Excavation Safety and Bridge Inspection Workshops

Excavation Safety (Virtual). Tuesday to Thursday 11/17 to 11/19 at 8:00 AM. Guest Speaker: Wendell Wood, National Trench Safety. This workshop explains the hazards of excavation and trenching, how accidents happen, and how worker protective measures should be applied. For more information and to register and receive access information to this Webex Training please go to

Safety Inspection of In-Service Bridges. 5/10 to 5/21, 2021 at 8:00 AM. A detailed description of this course is on the National Highway Institute website. For more information and to register please go to

Collaboration Workshops and Conferences

Modern Roundabouts: Designed for Safety. Thurs. October 29. Instructor: Dr. Hillary Isebrands, FHWA. This virtual workshop highlights the benefits of modern roundabouts and gives participants the fundamental knowledge needed to plan, design and review roundabout projects. This is an introductory level course with a blend of technical and non-technical planning, design and operational considerations. Approximately 5 seats remain open. To sign up contact David Veneziano at or 515-294-5480.

LTAP Resource

Worker Safety Training Resources. This website lists 23 online safety training modules for Local Public Agencies relevant to work performed by operations staff. The training modules maybe viewed by individual operators or used for regularly scheduled safety meetings. Each module contains an instructional video, OSHA factsheets, tailgate talks and more. More information can be found at

Webinars by Others

FHWA Innovation Exchange – Various Dates, Time, and Topics. For more information and for a registration link please go to:

 10/15 10:30 AM - Winter Toolbox

 10/15 1:00 pm – Tack Coat and Fog Seals

 10/20 12:00 pm - Gravel Road Treatments, Rumble Strips, SafetyEdge, and Centerline Buffers

 10/29 12:00 pm - ROUTES Toolkit/Funding Strategies

CP Tech Center Webinar Program. Tuesdays, 10/20, 11/17, and 12/15 at 12:00 PM. Concrete Roundabout Design (10/20) and Construction, Lifecycle Cost Analysis in Pavement Design (LCCA) (11/17), and Concrete Pavement Thickness Design and Slab Geometry (12/15). For more information and to register please go to:

2020 AASHTO TSP-2 Bridge Preservation Webinar Series. To register to these links:

 Panel: Impact of COVID-19 & Budget Restrictions on Bridge Inspection and Bridge Preservation Programs (Thursday 10/15 at 12:30 PM):

 Panel: Bridge Preservation Using Preventative Maintenance/On-Demand Contracts (Thursday 10/29 at 12:30 PM):

2020 AASHTO TSP-2 Pavement Preservation Webinar Series. 10/21 (Midwestern), 11/9 (Southeast), and 12/1 (Northeast). To register to these links:

 Midwestern:

 Southeast:

 Northeast:

Illinois Snow and Ice Control Training

PURPOSE: The course provides training to local agency personnel for their winter snow and ice


TOPICS COVERED: Planning for snow and ice operations, weather information sources, equipment,

snow and ice chemicals, chloride and the environment, level of service, and post storm activities.

LENGTH: 1 Hour

PDH’s: 1.0


11/04/2020 from 8:30am-9:30am


11/04/2020 from 10:30am-11:30am


11/06/2020 from 8:30am-9:30am


11/06/2020 from 10:30am-11:30am


Instructor Tim Peters, Illinois Department of Transportation.

Tim has 28 years’ experience at the Illinois Department of Transportation. 22 years in the Bureau of Operations and the past 6 years in the Bureau of Local Roads and Streets.

To register and receive access information to this WebEx Training, please email the completed form to


If a township has CDL drivers that drive trucks or truck/trailers over 26,000 lbs., they must have a drug & alcohol testing program and be signed up in the Clearinghouse.  

Employers cannot EMPLOY drivers subject to drug and alcohol testing under Part 382 without first conducting a pre-employment (full) query and a pre-employment drug test on the driver.   Out of the 675,000 carriers that have signed into the Clearinghouse, FMCSA put out a notice on February 21 that nearly 8,000 positive substance abuse tests of commercial drivers have been reported just since January 6, 2020. 

FMCSA is serious! Enforcement of the Clearinghouse is coming. 

THCOI Board of Directors

President Don Goad McHenry County/Greenwood Township

Vice President Arnold Vegter Whiteside County/Union Grove Township

Secretary Scott Seebach Ogle County/Flagg Township

Treasurer Greg Menold Tazwell County/Morton Township

Director Gene Adams Cook County/Palos Township

Director Rick Allinder Peoria County/Limestone Township

Director Bill Carlson Will County/Frankfort Township

Director Marty Crawford St. Clair County/Centreville Township

Director Robert Czernek DuPage County/Bloomingdale Township

Director Danny Hanning Schuyler County/Huntsville Township

Director Steve Helton Douglas County/Bourbon Township

Director Leslie Hild Logan County/Mt. Pulaski Township

Director Scott Kegarise Cook County/Schaumburg Township

Director Tim Killian McLean County/Chenoa Township

Director James Kensler Unit Road District #5

Director Glenn Kramer Kankakee County/Limestone Township

Director Darrell Maxheimer Sangamon County/Rochester Township

Director Charles Montgomery Piatt County/Monticello Township

Director Gary Muehlfelt DuPage County/Milton Township

Director Craig Smith DeKalb County/DeKalb Township

Director Scott Weaver Tazwell County/Washington Township

Highway Commissioner Division Mission Statement

  • Promote and protect the combined interests of all Illinois Highway Commissioners.
  • Disseminate information of interest and concern to all members.
  • Encourage uniformity of administration and increase operation among Illinois Highway Commissioners through educational seminars, programs, and printed materials for presentations to, and use by, THCI members.
  • Educate and inform the public, the Illinois Legislature and other citizens through programs, seminars and printed material of the responsibilities of Illinois Road Districts within the State of Illinois.
  • Coordinate and cooperate with the Township Officials of Illinois and other organizations for the purpose of strengthening Township Government in the State of Illinois.
  • Nominate and duly elect members of the Highway Commissioner's Division as representatives of said Division on the Township Officials of Illinois' Board of Directors.

Illinois Township Highway Commissioners Associations Presidents 

Township Highway Commissioners of Illinois President

Don Goad
Greenwood Township/McHenry County

Northern Illinois Highway Commissioners Association President

Edward R. Young
Lisle Twp/DuPage County
Phone: 630-210-1092

Nothing on the Schedule yet – TBD

West Central Illinois Highway Commissioners President

Dennis M. Gibb
Ellison Township/Warren County
Phone: 309-371-8620

Northwest Highway Commissioners of Illinois President

Arnold Vegter
Union Grove Township/Whiteside County
Phone: 815-535-5170

East Central Illinois Highway Commissioners Association President

Darrell D. Maxheimer
Rochester Twp/Sangamon County
Phone: 217-899-6355

Townships Without Elected Highway Commissioner

Adams County

Quincy Township

Champaign County

Champaign City Township
Cunningham Township

Cook County

Barrington Township
Berwyn Township
Calumet Township
Cicero Township
Evanston Township
New Trier Township
Niles Township
Oak Park Township
Proviso Township
River Forest Township
Riverside Township

Grundy County

Morris Township

Hancock County

Nauvoo Township
Warsaw Township

Knox County

City of Galesburg Township

Lake County

Moraine Township
West Deerfield Township
Zion Township

Madison County

Alton Township
Godfrey Township
Granite City Township

McDonough County

City of Macomb Township

McLean County

City of Bloomington Township

Peoria County

City of Peoria Township
Richwoods Township
West Peoria Township

Rock Island County

Moline Township
Port Byron Township
Rock Island Township
South Rock Island Township

Sangamon County

Capital Township

St. Clair County

Belleville Township
East St. Louis Township
Stites Township

Stephenson County

Freeport Township

Tazewell County

Pekin Township

Will County

DuPage Township

Townships with Shared Highway Commissioners

1389 Townships have their own Highway Commissioner
2 – Sets of Townships Share a Highway Commissioner
McDonough County
(Colchester Township and Tennessee Township share a Commr.)
Montgomery County
(Fillmore Township and South Fillmore Township share a Commr.)
39 Townships have No Highway Commissioner

Highway Commissioners of Illinois

3217 Northfield Drive, , Springfield, IL 62702
217-744-2212 | 866-897-4688 | 217-744-7419